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About Us

I started The Crystal Hut in 2022 because of a lifelong love for Crystals. I was first introduced to Crystals when I was just six after receiving an amethyst from my Nana. I remember how fascinated I was by the lovely colours, this amethyst inspired me to learn more about crystals and from that moment my collection began.

Crystals have always been a massive part of my life, as to have my angels.

Many huge milestones in my life have been a success thanks to the power of crystals. Whatever the situation I found myself in, crystals always supported me.

I have visited crystal stores for many years and anywhere I visited in the world I always made an effort to hunt out and visit as many crystal stores as possible. Along the way, I always dreamt that one day I would have my own crystal store, but life’s adventures meant that this didn’t happen until 2022.

Every year my partner, Paul, and our little doggy Burt would visit North Wales. We’ve always loved it here and felt relaxed and comfortable whenever we visited.

During a trip towards the end of 2021, a chance encounter eventually lead to the creation of The Crystal Hut. I spoke for hours to a lovely lady with a crystal shop in Llandudno and she told me she was considering selling the store. I was so excited and thought that this could finally be my opportunity to have my own store. Sadly the original store fell through, however, Paul’s Mum suggested I look at opening a little store on Llandudno Pier … so I did!

Having visited the pier on previous occasions I never really appreciated its splendour and the original ornate Victorian features. I was so lucky to secure the only kiosk that had panoramic views of the sea. The little kiosk is absolutely perfect, it’s so light and airy and the sunshine magnifies the beauty of the crystals.

An unexpected change in career direction for Paul meant that he was able to join me and Burt and share the Crystal Hut experience together. We have both worked in retail for many years and have been able to use our experience to create a wonderful shopping environment in our store and also on our website. We want to inspire everybody to explore, experience, and love the power of crystals in the same way that I did when I was a little boy and received my first piece of amethyst from my Nana.

We hope you enjoy our website and we’d love to meet you in our store.
Thank you so much for visiting our website today.

Love Kris, Paul, and Burt