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  • Menopause Crystal Kit
  • Menopause Crystal Kit

Menopause Crystal Kit

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This Menopause crystal kit brings together all of the crystals that will improve your emotions through times of hormonal imbalance whilst going through the menopause, this is a great kit to have with you, to support any emotional and physical imbalances and with this kit it will help bring your emotions and physical ailments back into alignment.

This kit will also help with pre-menopausal and post- menopause as it will regulate our energetic emotions and bring our physical body’s into balance. 


Our Menopause Crystal Kit includes 

1X Moonstone for its balancing energy for our physical and spiritual selves. 

1X Goldstone physical healing helps with inflammation of the body and boosts our life force energy. 

1X Lepidolite is the Crystal for peace and Tranquility, Will bring calm in all situations.